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Golf benefits from engagement with a desirable audience - with clear characteristics and established habits.

Golfers and Golf Fans are deemed to constitute a 'desirable' audience - being cross-generational, educated, affluent, and like to travel.

Their purchasing habits align with elite brands. They are willing to spend, highly connected to tech and digital media, and very responsive to sponsorship.


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of golf fans have purchased luxury/designer clothing in the last 12 months

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of golf fans search for products to buy when watching television

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Of golf fans are more likely to have responsibility for purchasing products or services

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Of golf fans & purchasers notice sponsors at events

Source: GWI Q1-Q4 2022




More than one-half (51%) of golf fans travel overseas at least twice in a typical year. More than one-third (36%) of golf fans travel medium- or long-haul at least twice in a typical year. 40% of golf fans fly first or business class at least once every six months. Surveyed in November 2021, 8% of golf fans said they had already booked travel for 2022.



Golf fans are tech-savvy and more likely to buy tech products. 50% of golf fans own an Apple product, 77% of golf fans have a pay-TV subscription, 28% of golf fans use five or more devices to access the internet, and 12% of golf fans own BOSE or Beats by Dre headphones.

Source: GWI Q1-Q4 2021                                                                                                                    Source: GWI, Q1-Q4, 2022

 Golf fans are the most likely to be in the highest  socio-economic grade and the high- or very high-  income segments

% in highest socio-economic grade

Source: GWI, Q1-Q4, 2022

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Golf fans are the most likely to be in the highest segment of global purchasing power

Source: GWI, Q1-Q4, 2022

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