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 There are 283 million golf  fans across the globe.

It transcends borders and is played in more countries than ever before.

Source: GWI Q1-Q4 2022

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National Golf Federation memberships internationally

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of the world’s countries have a golf course

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golf courses globally

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new golf course projects in various stages of active construction worldwide


As sports fans get older, they often become only spectators of their favourite sports, no longer taking part themselves.  While 46% of soccer fans aged 16-24 play soccer, for example, only 17% of soccer fans aged 55-64 play the game.  Golf is a true participation sport across all age groups, with rates of taking part remaining between 48% and 53% of golf fans across the age groups.

Source: GWI Q1-Q4 2021 

Strong Fan Bases From Across The WorlD



Number of Golf Fans Globally, Broken Down By Region


Total % of population interested in golf

Source: GWI, Q1-Q4, 2022

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Golf spans the globe

 with national federations in every continent

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