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Golf is one of the oldest and most celebrated sports in history, and yet has a visionary outlook for the future 


Technology and innovation are embraced by the sport and, while golf’s heritage enables traditions to be respected, it has adapted ably to a contemporary and ever-evolving landscape.
Championing digital progress and engagement, creating and integrating tech into the game – at a participatory level at facilities and for performance improvement, through to the media production and consumption of the sport, golf – and its audience – is at the cutting edge of progress.


did you know?

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More than 1/3 of golfers describe themselves as traditional

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of golf fans have savings/investments in cryptocurrency

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of golf fans know what the metaverse is

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of golf fans buy the newest technology as soon as it’s available

Source: GWI Q1-Q4 2022


Non-traditional golf formats are helping to grow the game, particularly amongst the younger generation. For example, Topgolf’s tech-enabled venues attract over 30 million players yearly, over 50% of whom are millennials and Gen Z. 


Not only has there been a rise in new formats, but players of all ages are also looking for the latest technology when it comes to golf. Surveys undertaken by Kemper Sport in 2022 show that in the US, 75% of golfers are interested in golf cart GPS, and 50% are interested in driving range ball tracking and simulator technology.

National Golf Foundation - January 2023 Statistics

Source: NGF, 2023


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Get Golf at Golf

“Golf technology has a lot to offer today, from new golf training software, game-improvement devices, and distance measuring devices, to golf toys and even video games. Game improvement gadgets and equipment.”



PGA of America

“CRM technology, drones, benchmarking tools—even weather technology—are all being tailored to the needs of golfers and operators around the US. The game of golf isn't changing, but technology is helping improve it in myriad ways” 


“A golf course believed to the oldest in the world is using some of the newest course technology to make its bunkers last longer and look better. Musselburgh Old Course, where records of golf being played date to at least 1672 is using the EcoBunker synthetic revetting method in its bunkers to extend their life and reduce costs”

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33% of LPGA fans have watched the LPGA via PC, Tablet or smartphone

Source: LPGA

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