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 Golf is poised to emerge as a  leader in sustainable sport  and business in many ways. 

"A global sport - with millions of followers - set in nature and with deep community roots, golf can step forward as a leader for sustainability and climate action."

Source: GEO

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of golf fans want brands to be eco-friendly




Source: GWI, Q1-Q4, 2022

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of golf fans say its more important for companies to behave in a more sustainable/eco-friendly manner because of COVID-19

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of golf fans would pay more for an eco-friendly product

Source: GWI, Q1-Q4, 2022

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of golf fans believe it is important to reduce their carbon footprint and impact on the enviroment

SOURCE: GWI Q1-Q4 2021 


45% of golf fans always try to recycle and 43% of golf fans believe contributing to the community is important.

Source: GWI Q1-Q4 2022

 fostering nature

Golf courses are living landscapes and can help wildlife, flora, and fauna flourish, creating and protecting habitats and valuable ecosystems.

 taking climate action

Courses, new developments, tournaments, tours, and players can take meaningful action for climate action.

 sustainable  development goals

Golf can play a meaningful part in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Member States

 Conserving resources

From using less water and energy to recycling food waste from the clubhouse, there are many ways golf can drive positive change.

 strengthening  communities

Golf provides a range of social values, including healthy recreation, a welcoming inclusive environment, and close links with the community.

 driving net zero

An innovative climate action programme, helping all parts of golf get on a path to net-zero – easily and credibly.

% more likely to own electric or hybrid vehicles

14% of golf fans own an electric or hybrid vehicle

Source: GWI, Q1-Q4, 2022

Source: GWI, Q1-Q4, 2022

Source: GWI, Q1-Q4, 2022



Camille Chevalier

LET Professional

“Golf has huge potential to be a sustainability leader.  Golf courses feature-rich biodiversity, which makes them rich ecosystem sanctuaries.”



Ethics In Golf

“Environmental and social stewardship has always been close to the heart of golf. Great golf respects its surroundings and honors the natural environment.”



Sustainable Golf Champion

“Golf is a global sport connected to people and landscapes around the world - affected by and affecting climate change,”

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Sustainability is also about social responsibility, equity, and overall value generated. Golf is well-placed to build on hundreds of years of community engagement and social value

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